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Model and Environment

Of course one can put his model on a shelf, or be bashing around on suitable places. One time when I was hiking and looking around, I thought about how would my vehicles look in a relative realistic environment.

Therefor I took one of my 4Runners with me in the holidays in the saxonian mountains, to make some pics. I had to put the vehicle in a large rucksack, and had to carry it several hundred yards over footpaths, steep ascents and ladders. During the following photo session the model has been noticed with amazement and incredulity by other hikers. For people, who are not that enthusiastic in modelling as one self, is it absurd lugging a "toy" over a tour, difficult to make even without unnecessary load. But in my eyes the pics were worth the efforts.

Since that time I am always checking the places where I go hiking, if they are suitable for another photo shooting.



Saxonian mountains - Kyosho 1:9 EP Toyota 4Runner




Wrangler Winter Wonderland - Tamiya Wrangler 1:10 and Wrangler QD




... to be continued