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Everytime I discover a new creation or a nimble built modell, my heart starts beating higher. I would like to use this gallery to make that kind of models accessible to a larger section of enthusiasts. Some of you may not be able to imagine, what peaks some modelers reach, when they work on their creations.

From the perfect Catalogue-Bruiser, over the versatile climber, to the powerful truck-puller, you find them all.

And I would like to invite everyone, who visits this site and owns a nice model, maybe with one or more interesting features, to display it here.

But I have one plea: This pages occupies with the models of the Tamiya Hilux, Bruiser, Mountaineer, as well as the Kyosho 4Runner, Pajero, Pathfinder. I will not moan about some escapades, they are OK, as long as they are classic 4x4-Off-Roaders or Monster Trucks. But I will not display "Flat-Trackers", DTM/ITC-Racers, F1-Cars or Rallye-Vehicles ( with exception of the Tamiya Pajero Rallye ). There are enough sites dealing with that kinds of models!

This is a reservation for a minority, that, as it seems to me, is threatened to die out!


Thors RidesThors Rides

Mountaineer and Bruiser by Thor Stromsnes, Andenes, Norway

  All 3-Speeders by Cory Musich, U.S.A.
  Mountaineer by Philipp Stohn, Hamburg, F.R.G.
  T 3 Assault/Spy-Car by Randy Coolbaugh, N.Y., U.S.A.
  3-Speed-Trucks by Jaman, Westland, Michigan, U.S.A.
... to be continued!